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Our Latest Project


Our latest project, the Rotbuchencaré, is an innovative living concept that combines sustainable construction with modern design and focuses on community and nature. The complex consists of eco-friendly apartments grouped around a central courtyard with magnificent red beech trees, promoting harmonious coexistence.



Who we are

At First Point Capital, we specialize in offering unique investment opportunities in Private Equity and Real Estate projects in Europe and the US to help our clients build a diversified portfolio of investments that has proven to outperform the common market.

Investment Approach

What we do

Our investment strategy is to focus on exclusive projects that have a high potential for growth and provide a risk/return balance that is in line with our clients’ goals.

We only seek out investments that prove a solid track record of success and are expected to outperform the market.

We will also evaluate potential investments on the basis of their liquidity, yield, and individual risk-reward profile.


Portfolio Selection

Beyond our high-yielding real estate development projects of commercial and residential buildings in Europe’s most attractive metropoles, our investments extend to unique private equity opportunities that offer a highly diversified portfolio around the world. We are proud to look back onto over 1.505 direct investments with an average multiple of 1.71 and holding periods of 2.5 years.

We select investments based on their long-term potential for growth and profitability, while taking into account the macroeconomic environment and geopolitical risks. Our selection process always considers the liquidity and yield of the investments, as well as their potential for capital appreciation.

Besides our portfolio funds we offer exclusive club deals, which typically are not available for private investors, yet offer attractive annual dividends of 5%.